Saturday, August 27, 2011

Farmer's Market Bento

I've become obsessed with bentos lately. I just love the aesthetics of the little lunches. I also love how they inspire me to pack healthful lunches. This semester I have class from 9AM to 4PM without any break at all, so a packed lunch is going to be a necessity.

Here's a bento I packed using my finds from our local Farmer's Market.

It includes Anpan (a bean paste filled bun), a salad, watermelon, juicy slices of a fresh peach, and a miniature chocolate bar as a treat.

The two tiers have lids and stack on top of each other like this...

The top part has a compartment for chopsticks or a fork. I was out of plastic forks, so I stuck a spoon in there to show how nicely it fits.

Here's the bento completely assembled and ready to go.

Happy eating!