Saturday, January 26, 2008


My son was in a chess tournament Saturday. Does he play chess, you ask? Why no, not really. You see, last week my sister, who teaches gifted and talented children, asked Austin if he wanted to be in a chess tournament. Austin said that he hadn't played chess in a long, long time and couldn't even remember the rules. My sister told him that his mother, that's me, could teach him the rules if he wanted to enter the tournament. I was then informed about this, and I have spent the last week playing at least one game of chess with my son each night. I was a little nervous about letting him do the tournament. I didn't want him to get upset when he inevitably lost. So I kept reminding him that the other kids had been spending months, if not years, being coached and instructed in chess, and also being prepared by their gifted and talented teachers (and I'm sure their parents too) just for this tournament. He was only getting a week's worth of half-assed instruction from his not so gifted and talented mother. He assured me that he could take getting his ass whooped. Therefore, I took him to the tournament. He tied for 4th place. There were 26 kids in his division. Not bad, huh?. That'll teach me to doubt my child. The parents weren't allowed anywhere near the rooms where the games were being played, so I don't have any pictures. However, my sister was the monitor in the room where my son's division played, so I got all the inside scoop after the tournament.

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