Saturday, August 27, 2011

Farmer's Market Bento

I've become obsessed with bentos lately. I just love the aesthetics of the little lunches. I also love how they inspire me to pack healthful lunches. This semester I have class from 9AM to 4PM without any break at all, so a packed lunch is going to be a necessity.

Here's a bento I packed using my finds from our local Farmer's Market.

It includes Anpan (a bean paste filled bun), a salad, watermelon, juicy slices of a fresh peach, and a miniature chocolate bar as a treat.

The two tiers have lids and stack on top of each other like this...

The top part has a compartment for chopsticks or a fork. I was out of plastic forks, so I stuck a spoon in there to show how nicely it fits.

Here's the bento completely assembled and ready to go.

Happy eating!


mom said...

you sound like Haleigh

Marti said...

No, Haleigh sounds like me. I've been blogging about food and other stuff since 2002.