Thursday, May 04, 2006

Burn Ban Lifted

The Oklahoma burn ban is finally over. We have not had a good soaking rain since October. OCTOBER! This past week we have had some good soaking rains though. Last night we had a major thunderstorm. And judging by the sound, I could have sworn lightening struck our front trees more than once. They are still standing though, so I guess not. It was a loud night last night, and it lasted ALL night long. I'm glad the burn ban is over. Now we can finally do some grilling outside, and hopefully we will get to do fireworks on the Fourth of July. Believe it or not, the fate of the 4th of July was starting to become a big concern. We aren't completely out of the woods yet. The burn ban could be reinstated at any time. Actually, some western Oklahoma counties still have the burn ban in effect even now. Good luck and many rain dances to them.


Deanna said...

Go Oklahoma!

Up here it has been raining and raining and raining...the ground squishes when you walk :) Back in CO, you would have a rainy hour every so often, but I've really missed rainy days...and thunderstorms! You don't get REAL storms in CO...LOVE it!

Frankie said...

Great blog!

I was sitting way back in my chair, without my glasses on, and kept wondering...what is a bum ban? When I sat up and could see, I had a big chuckle. Burn not bum. lol

From a Cub Scout den leader...a great-big congratulations to Austin for earning his Wolf badge and three arrows! Woo-hoo to him, that is quite an accomplishment. (And I love seeing cubbies wearing caps! My son is the only cub scout who wears a cap in our pack.)