Thursday, September 20, 2007

Damages too!

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So the next day, I'm waiting in the "car line" at Austin's school to pick him up and somewhere behind me a Kindercare bus is trying to squeeze through the crowd of parents' cars. Apparently, it does a pretty good job of squeezing until it gets to my car. I hear the crunch and scrape of metal against metal and my jaw drops. "Are you kidding me." I yell to no one, since I'm the only on in the car at the moment. The crossing guard looks toward my car and his jaw drops too and he shakes his head. The Kindercare bus keeps going. I jump out of my car and run after it. When I catch up, the driver rolls down her window and I calmly say, "You just crunched my car quite badly." Her reply was an innocent, "Oh, did I?" So then I run back to my car and we pull over into an adjacent parking lot. I call the police. She calls her employer. Her employer tells her to leave and go pick up the kids. The police dispatcher tells me to stay put and that there is someone on the way. The Kindercare driver hops out of her bus and hands me a paper with her name and the Kindercare phone number on it and tells me she has to go. I tell her she shouldn't leave the scene of an accident. She says she has to go pick up the kids. As she hops back into her bus to leave, I grab the number off the license plate. A few minutes later a police car pulls in and asks me where the other car is. I tell him that she left. He shakes his head and says, "That's not good. I don't like that one bit." To make a long story short,the officer went to the Kindercare and kindly got the insurance information for me and my car will be fixed to tune of $1,100.

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Deanna said...

Yikes on the tooth and car boo-boo! Twas not a good couple of days for you, was it???